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BDPA Twin Cities proudly offers another dynamic Community Youth Technology Program course in Programmatic Thinking to help bridge the gap for minority youth in the STEM/IT fields. This tuition free course is designed for elementary and middle school students to begin building a solid foundation in coding languages, problem solving,  and project management skills. Courses are offered in the Fall and Spring of each year.
Suggested grades 3rd-5th

Based on their skill set students will learn the basics or more in depth knowledge on how to use a project-based method for coding through a graphical interface.
Students will explore creativity, reason systematically and work on tasks that are essential life skills such as problem solving and project management.

Students will create and share their project with their peers on the final day of class.
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Suggested grades 6th-8th
In this course, you'll learn advanced topics leveraging a project-based method of delivery to accommodate a variety of levels and student programming skills.  Upon completion of the course students will learn core principles to further their knowledge and understanding in coding through a graphical interface. 
Students will create and share their project with peers on the final day of class.  Some prior experience with computer programing or other coding languages is useful. 


Watch this short video to help students get ready for class.
You can make the video full screen as well as pause it at any time.
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